Refunds & Replacements

At TheProjectVanlife we highly value customer service and experience. Therefore, we try and be as generous as possible when it comes to offering refunds & replacements. 

1. How long do you have to request a replacement or refund
  • US customers have up to 30 days after the shipped date
  • International customers (outside of US) have up to 60 days after the shipped date.
2. How do you request a replacement or refund? 

By contacting us

3. Customer orders are only eligible for refunds or replacement if one more of the following conditions are met...
If it is a mailing issue where it got lost in transit just let us know and we will send out a replacement. If the tracking shows delivered or Return To Sender we can only offer a replacement order to an alternative address because we incur the cost.
If it is a sizing issue we will offer a one time FREE size replacement 1 size smaller or bigger than the original size on the order. 
If it is an issue on our end, where we sent out the wrong product, wrong size, bad graphic, etc... just send us a picture of what you received for quality control purposes and we can offer a refund or replacement

We never need anything sent back to us we just need a picture for QC purposes.

    4. What we need to send a replacement order:
    • Please provide us with your name and email.
    • Please provide the order number (sent to your email after you made a purchase)
    • Please provide picture of wrong/damaged item.
    • Please provide the changes necessary to correct/make replacement order, ie: color, size, style, etc.

    Once we receive this we will print a replacement product and send it right out. We never need any product(s) sent back to us, we just need a picture for quality control purposes. 

    5. Returns

    We DO NOT accept returns.
    If one or more of the following scenarios, mentioned above are met, we will solve the problem without having you go through the hassle of sending us the product(s) back. That could mean refunding or replacing the product(s) ordered. It is entirely up to customer service to make this decision, based on the situation.  

    6. Refunds or replacements will NOT be given for the following reasons...
    • You no longer want or need a product(s)
    • The product(s) was damaged by the customer
    • Other unreasonable requests