Our Impact

    Did you know, each year 15 billion trees are cut down worldwide and 80% of the worlds forests have already been destroyed. If this practice continues we will not only destroy our planet, but also destroy our self's. 
    "Each one of us can make a difference. Together we can make change" - Barbara Mikulski

    Why are trees so important to us?

    Life could not exist on Earth without trees because they produce most of the oxygen that humans and wildlife breathe. As nomads we have the privilege to explore the planet and experience incredible scenery. It is our duty to try and protect our planet the best we can. 

    Our Goal

    At ProjectVanlife our goal is to be environmentally friendly. Our brand promotes an outdoor wanderlust lifestyle. Therefore, we feel the need to take a stand and make a change. After all, what's the point of all this if we're destroying the planet we are trying to explore? 

    The equivalent to a football field of forests vanishes every 2 seconds. At this rate the worlds rain forests could vanish in the next 100 years. 
    We believe, that with this enormous community we put together we can really make a change and benefit the environment 

    To achieve our goal of restoring Mother Nature, we’re planting one tree for every order we receive on our store.

    Planting in Africa

    Today, more than 400 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa will spend each day in extreme poverty, living on approximately $1 - $2/day. Most are rural farmers. As their crop yields fall from years of destructive farming practices and expensive chemical usage, their lands are also becoming increasingly degraded and deforested. Unable to provide for themselves and their families, these farmers sink deeper into a cycle of poverty, hunger, and despair that seems unbreakable for far too many.

    The main reason we choose to plant in Africa is because of how many benefits their are:

    • Ending Poverty - we are able to employ farmers that were previously making around $1 a day. This increases their income by over 400%
    • Ending Hunger - Only 13% of participants were food secure when they joined the program, and after just 1 year Trees For The Future was able to make 86% of their farmers food secure.
    • Ending Deforestation - Our tree program ends deforestation and land degradation.


    Planting in other countries
    As our brand grows we plan on working with more organizations that plant in other countries as well. But for now we went with the one that was most beneficial for both the environment, and workers. 

    The Process

    Depending on the orders our shop gets each month, we make a donation to the organization we work with accordingly. 

    Then, they identify a group of farmers—typically 300 families at a time —who have both a great need for assistance and a high likelihood of success. Farmers provide the land, labor, and water; a powerful, entrepreneurial determination; and an inspiring sense of ownership. The organization then provides training, mentoring, seeds, and nursery supplies with each family. We guide the large groups of farmers through the process of using trees to protect, diversify, and eventually optimize their crop land. We continue working with farmers for the four years it takes to fully establish the Forest Garden, offering ongoing coaching and regular site visits.

    Our Partners

    We've partnered up with TREES FOR THE FUTURE, a non profit organization founded in 1989. In the past 5 years, they've made a huge impact: 

    You could read more about them here

    Visiting plant sites
    You are more then welcome to visit the locations we plant at. Although, it's important to keep in mind there will be a language barrier between you and the farmers. To schedule a visit please contact us and we will give you all the details necessary.  

    How you can get involved

    We plant one tree for each order placed on our store. So the best way to get involved is simply by placing an order on our Shop online. Not only will you be doing something great for the environment, but you will also receive an amazing product to go with it. 

    Your help
    Now we're not asking you to become the Lorax (although that would be very helpful for the environment), but just by simply planting one tree, you can:
    • Contribute to a much bigger cause
    • Supply a days worth of oxygen to 4 people
    • Filter and purify around 100,000 m2 of polluted air each year
    • Absorb 20 tons of carbon dioxide each year
    • Provide a home for around 2.3 million organisms
    • Help employ a family of farmers that make less than $2 a day
    • End hunger
    • Put a stop to deforestation 
    • Change lives 

    And much more...

    Remember if you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself. 


    Please note: all the vanlife doodles are created by Jason over at www.vanlifer.com