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Where do I find a sizing guide?

Whats my order number?

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Is my payment information secure?

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Where could I find your Refund & Replacement policy

How do I want to stop receiving emails from you guys?

Customer Care

What if I run into issues after ordering?

Will customer support reply to me in a timely manner?

Why don't you guys accept returns?

Refunds, Replacements, and Returns

My product(s) arrived to me damaged?

I never received my product(s)

I ordered the wrong size

I no longer want/need the product(s) I ordered

Why we don't accept returns

I ordered the wrong product, color, variant, design etc..


How much does shipping cost?

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Do I get a tracking number?

I ordered multiple items but only received one?

What if I get charged Tariffs

What courier companies do we work with?

Tree Planting

Is this legit?

How does it work, what's the process?

Who do we work with?

How can I track the growth of my tree(s)?

Can I visit the planting sites?

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